Leiden is well known for its monuments (almost 2800), museums, old alleys, and canals, which many value the city for. The renovated historical city centre is an enjoyable place to live and due to the wide variety of stores, also a great spot to shop. All big chains can be found, but do not forget to visit the specialty stores in small streets and alleys. Leiden is a vibrant city that offers plenty of choice in the areas of culture, music, dance and theatre.

Studio, ground floor housing, apartment or room in Leiden

Are you, or is somebody in your surroundings looking for an affordable studio, ground floor housing, apartment or room in Leiden? Then you’re at the right address! BestHome4U rents out a wide variety of living spaces in Leiden. This can be a studio with an own kitchen, an independent ground floor room with garden, a lovely apartment with private facilities or a pleasant room with shared facilities with great housemates.

All living spaces are upholstered with laminated flooring, fitted with lighting and window decoration. A part of the offered living units is also, partially or entirely furnished and another part also consist of a small garden or balcony. Our offerings always state what kind of living space is offered and we offer them in a wide range of prices.

Centrally located

When you live in Leiden, it is always a great bonus to live close by the city centre and public transport. Almost all of our housing opportunities are located within a 5 minute bicycle ride from the Delft city centre and public transport (train and bus). The train will take you to The Hague in 15, Delft in 20  and Rotterdam in 30 minutes. Most of our living spaces are also within a 15 minute bike ride from the Leiden University.

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